Sunday, November 21, 2010

Changing Blog Location

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Thank you,
Steve Parker

Friday, November 19, 2010

Accusers and Askers

Do you hear that sound? Listen closely. I hear it nearly every day and so do you. It is all the people who give the least and ask for the most. They are the accusers and askers.

I teach the principle of seed, time and harvest which simply means, if a man sows seed in some way, i.e.. time, finances, encouraging words; in time, he will reap a harvest of that seed. Fortunately, most people get it! It is revelation to them and therefore, they become sowers of seed and soon after, receivers of the harvest. These are the ones who do not give up because the harvest didn't come the next day. They are those who planted when it was raining (easy) and when it was dry and desolate (hard). They understand that seed will produce nothing if it is not placed into the ground. Watermelons do not grow out of pockets and bank accounts, they grow out of fields where the seed was sown. I am not speaking only of money, yet, that is a big one to speak of. I am also speaking of one's time, talent, gifting and skill. Those with the revelation of seed, time and harvest understand and therefore are blessed. They are the ones others look at with jealousy, disdain, and contempt. They are the ones getting the promotions, raises and accolades while the others continue to complain and accuse. Do you hear that sound? Is it familiar to you? Maybe if you are not hearing it, it is because you are making it.

There was a season in my life when I was strongly considering going into politics. I lived in Tennessee at the time and heard and saw enough accusers and askers to consider a political career in order to bring change. I thought if I could at least be positioned in secular government, I perhaps could enact legislation to quiet the noise. I met the woman who would be my wife and she encouraged me to stand down from that direction. Wonderful wife! We're happily married eighteen years now, and she still encourages me to stand down on many issues unless I can sneak one by her. Such as this. I have found, not because of ministry, mind you, but through my life, that those who are always asking for the most, always do the least. They accuse him who is doing of growing up with a silver spoon in his mouth, or being lucky, or connected to the right people, or whatever, while asking for handouts from that same doer. When a handout is given, the accuser and asker aren't thankful, after all, it was the doers responsibility to provide for the lazy, unfaithful, ungrateful, unbelieving slug that he is. For example, I have sat with people in my office who have found every way to not pay tithe, even arguing it's scriptural significance. Yet, when they have a need, they do not think twice to ask for help from those who do pay tithe. This is the reason why at The Rock, if one does not tithe and sow seed for a harvest, when that one is hungry and cold, there will be no food or blanket. There is a consequence for sin and disobedience. Hunger and cold. Unfortunately, the church has overlooked the consequences of disobedience in men and catered to their lawlessness causing a splurge of accusers and askers to proliferate throughout the church. Not at The Rock. There is grace for those who are learning, but severe consequence for those who are perpetually lawless. At some point all of us must recognize the accusers and askers and stop feeding their sin. In time, if they have an honest heart, they to will come to the revelation of seed, time and harvest.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

To Be Saved

What does it mean to be "saved?"  Does it mean one has received Jesus Christ as Savior and now all bills will be paid?  Does it mean there will never be any difficult days again because God will make sure the "saved" one is delivered?  Maybe, it means one can now continue to live like hell safely?
To be saved is not an idea of freedom from lack or exclusion from difficult times, or even an overlooking of lawless living.  To be saved means there is an answer to all of the above and more.  The answer can only be found by allowing the conduit - Jesus Christ - to reconcile us to His Father, who then becomes our Father.  To be saved means I will no longer live life to myself, rather, I will expect excellence of myself, not for bragging rights, but to give God glory!  To be saved means I will actually consider others before myself and express compassion on their circumstances.  To be saved means I am aware of lawlessness all around me, but I do not immerse myself in it.  To be saved means I understand all things that are lawful for me are not necessarily advisable for me.  Just because I can, doesn't mean I do.

Unfortunately, christians have become so entangled in doctrinal laws they have become the most lawless.  More emphasis is placed on not disappointing a denomination or fellowship of churches than on not disappointing the Father.  The very christians who cry out for freedom are the ones creating the most laws.  Wouldn't it be amazing if those of us who believe Jesus Christ is God's Son, and He really did die and rise again, and He really is the savior of men, would stop asking What Would Jesus Do and begin doing What Jesus Did, which was honor His Father through a life of obedience and excellence with high standards, integrity and truth.

I'm a preacher and I enjoy being around more non-believers than I do believers simply because I always know where non-believers stand.  They do and they are what they say.  No gimmicks, no facades, no masks.  That is changing.  I am thankful that those who are part of my congregation represent well what a believer should be.  From time to time there is one who will come and play the saved card only to reveal he does not know what that means.  If he stays long enough, he will change his position in Christ or his choice of church.  For those who make the decision to represent the Christ anointing in the earth with excellence, honesty and truth, thank you.  You are one of a few, but the numbers are growing!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Give'em Hell!

There is much abuzz concerning the Gainesville pastor who has decided to get the world's attention by burning the Quran.  First of all, let me be clear by saying, I totally disagree with his position.  Yet, while saying that, I can also say I appreciate his passion.  Perhaps, if he used that passion instead to make Yahweh's name great through life choices, there would be no need to burn the Quran.  Life choices, such as balancing a checkbook, honoring one's wife, raising Godly seed, showing up for work on time, participating in uplifting and wholesome conversations while disengaging from those that aren't.  The kind of choices all of us who believe in Jesus Christ as Savior should be making to get the world's attention.  These are silent choices, yet they speak the loudest!  People are not drawn to Christ because we burn Qurans.  They are drawn because our testimony is irresistible!

The news media are extremely hypocritical in this whole thing.  They do every day what this man plans to do only once.  In fact, they love bringing attention to him because it draws viewers to their channels and to their stations.  They don't want him to go away.  If they did, they would have never given him any attention, and the silence alone would have closed the door on his fifteen minutes of fame.

The testimony of believers is weak as it is.  We don't need to give the enemy more fodder.  We need to give him Hell!  Give it back.  It doesn't belong to you who believe.  Don't fall prey to the evil deeds of delivering fleshly attacks and responses.  Let the Spirit of God rise up in you and be a demonstration of hope and peace and trust.