Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Amazing Weekend!

This past weekend, a freind of mine, Ariel Ainsworth was with us at The Rock and ministered to all of us.  His word was amazing!  The gist of it was "the need to remove the vagabond spirit."  Too many people find their reward in moving from place to place believing the "grass is always greener on the other side," and because of impatience, they never really give this side opportunity to produce purpose in them.  Few people will put down their roots anymore in this mobile world we live in.  People are moving around blindly in a wilderness of hunt and search just in view of their promised land, but never move into it and settle down because of the vagabond spirit.  After all, we have to keep moving or else we might "miss" something.  I believe we need to be "still" or we will absolutely miss something.  My encouragement to you is, be still.  Settle down.  Taste the sweet of the land you are in even if you haven't seen it yet.  Your purpose might be to prove others wrong and become the sweet and hope of a hungry and restlessness generation.

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