Friday, October 10, 2008


Here we are in the middle of a crisis easily blamed on everyone except those who are actually responsible-the citizens. I am not in favor of a bailout or any other reward for foolish, irresponsible spending by the citizens, not the government. It is neither the Republicans or Democrats that are to be blamed for this collapse. The entire responsibility falls to the citizens. Nobody forced anyone to purchase what they could not afford. Unfortunately, citizens have come to expect that any choice, regardless of the outcome, is the responsibility of someone else. Now, those who have disciplined their lives and spending, and made good choices, are being asked to suffer for those who did not, as though it is our obligation. Now, I, along with millions of others who have been responsible, have to listen to all those who have not, cry about their dire situations, and loss of possessions, and place blame on everyone else, while expecting us to finance their undisciplined and ignorant ways. Truthfully, there are those who have been responsible and are still in trouble, but most lived within their means and didn't listen to every lender that wanted to "give" them a dream in a bottle, and position themselves for failure. They saved and worked and saved and invested, and now they are giving that away without a choice to those who don't deserve it by virtue of having lived undisciplined, and irresponsible lives. It is a shame.

People, accept responsibility and correct your out-of-order habits now so this will not happen again. The government really doesn't have any control, except what you give it. You just gave it a fortune to spend when they haven't even balanced their books in decades. You have learned well from your government teacher. I am a Kingdom man and, therefore, I am a disciplined man. In time all will see the difference between those who depend on the earth and its governments for provision, and those who simply hear the voice of the Lord, and live with excellence, order, and discipline. This is what I teach, and this is the only way to rise above the fray.


Robert O said...

Apostle I have to agree with you. Working in the financial sector for the last 20 years. The pressure is out of control here. I'm glad my faith is bigger than any problem or work related issues going on right now. I can easily afford a bigger home. Very blessed, that the Rock has thought me not to live above my means. This bailout is like rushing out to the Titanic to patch the holes before it sinks.

Guardian88 said...

Throughout American history the progression to a more governed nation by the government seems to happen increasingly as individuals by majority show that they cannot govern themselves. With the new election, and the leading industries now needing help from our governemnt, many bills will be passed to push our economy (much like in the past), and government to be more government regulated. Not socialism, since America by leaps and bounds has had alot more limited of a government in comparison to the world. But from a kingdom outlook or viewpoint, is big goverment regulation a bad thing, or good? I'm not sure what it would mean... but with their control? Could they (the government) possibly have steadily more control to the point where it would cease to become freedom of religion? and in turn become freedom of no relgion? I am constantly hearing outcries in the classroom that religion is ruining our country and that we need to take god out of everything, that it should not be tolerated to have people inflict their beliefs on any system, especially with the last election. With all the anger towards religion. Do you think there is a possibility that it could be even considered to be outlawed in my lifetime?