Saturday, December 6, 2008

I've been busy!

I haven't written in several weeks only because things have been very busy in my life. One thing that does not cease in me is the desire to perpetuate the Gospel of the Kingdom even in the middle of world turmoil. In fact, I am more driven to preach and teach the Kingdom so others may be saved from the futility that overloads all who do not trust in the Christ anointing to minister peace in any storm. As an apostle of a kingdom church, I have been given the responsibility to lead those who call The Rock home in a way that leads to life and peace. Sound instruction will empower the hearer to develop a strength to rise above the flux of the "daily grind." It will also reveal the Father in a way that becomes less fictional and more actual. May Yahweh always be heard and felt, not just published in a book or painted on a canvas. If you do not know Him, He knows you. Get personal.