Friday, January 23, 2009

Truth Revealed Through Fear

Here is an article written by my fifteen year old that is worth your time.

The Inauguration of 2009 and President Election of 2008

By: Kaleigh Lynn Parker

On this twentieth day of January in the year 2009, an historical moment is taking place that will change our lives and the history of America forever.

For the last eight years we have sat under the authority of President George W. Bush. Our lives have been drastically changed and our country has seen many hills and valleys. With President Bush's term coming to an end our country is about to experience a dream fulfilled. Everyone has heard Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream, but for the first time in history we will experience it within the walls of the White House. African/American President, Barack H. Obama, is now the most powerful man in the entire world. He sits in a place of the highest authority and he decides our future. In taking the oath he has committed himself to our country and is now the President of the United States of America.

President Obama promises America that our needs will be met. Many Americans in our country are uneasy with the fact that President Obama is an African/American, and the fact that his middle name is Hussein doesn't help either. Some say he is a terrorist and others think he is the answer to our prayers. Many believe he can turn our economy around and others believe things will only get worse. Every American has an opinion, but the question is - what's the truth? President Obama believes that today marks a new beginning, and in more ways than one. He says, "We need to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin rebuilding America." Our country is in an economic crisis, and lives everywhere have been drastically affected. President Obama promises that he will change what our country has become and form it into what everyone dreams of. This Inauguration will be read about in History books, and what is all new to us now, will be the only thing that generations to come will know. We know, undoubtedly, some type of change is about to come, and we can only imagine what America is about to become. As President Bush walked out of the White House for the last time, President Elect Barack Obama placed his foot where no man of his culture ever has before. We can only sit and watch the history of this presidency unfold. Our future is in the hands of an African/American President and our lives will never be the same. For years our country has considered people from the African/American race outcasts and have treated them with disrespect. The disrespect that has been shown for so many years throughout history is now coming to an end. We have considered people of the African/American culture outcasts for so many years and now a man from that very same culture rules over our country. So many lives have been sacrificed just for this day to come. The lives that were lost and the hope that those people carried is now rewarded. The dream of a man that will always be remembered has now come to pass. Our Nation is face to face with the fulfillment of a dream and a mark in history. Our future lies in the hands of President Barack Obama.

As President Bush made his last speech he stepped away from a very familiar place forever. Americans everywhere are wondering what is going to happen now, and only time will tell. We have to cling to our hope and believe that everything happens for a reason, and the Presidency of Barack Obama is going to open the eyes of many "sleeping" Americans. We fear the possibilities that the future holds because of the way we've treated the African/American race for so many years. I believe that this will be a year of change. I believe it may be uncomfortable change, but a year of change that will affect our country, and shake us up enough to get us to recognize what it is we NEED to change. I believe President Barack Obama is bringing a necessary change to our country. History is being made every second of every day - from this day forward.

I am only fifteen years old so an Inauguration doesn't mean that much to me, but it means more now than it ever has before. Growing up, I have been taught to treat every person, no matter their color, the same. Since that is what I've been taught from a very young age all of the racism and anger toward African/Americans is foreign to me. Having to read books in school that talked about slavery and showed the way African/Americans were treated was like learning a brand new language. Seeing all the disrespect and the violence, all the name calling and abuse, it didn't make me look down upon the African/Americans, but actually made me ashamed of our Country and the people in it. If America is supposed to be such a wonderful country where people can start "new lives," then why do we take pleasure in bashing other people around us? We're a very hypocritical country and everything we "stand" for has not been shown through our past actions. Learning about racism was only a shock because I was guarded from it for so long. This may stir some personal opinions, but I believe that Americans mock, what some call, disrespectfully, niggers, out of fear. They are different than us and we're afraid of what they are. In order to make ourselves feel better we take them down from every angle and act like we're concerned for our country when the truth of the matter is we're just afraid of their potential. We are so afraid of them because they're different. They are a different color, they talk with a different accent, and sometimes they dress different, but they still have just as much to offer to our country as you and I do. The mouths of blacks have been shut for so long, and I would like to hear what they have to say. For so long we have treated them like outcasts when really, they are just like you and me. I think this President is going to strike fear into the heart of people that need to be afraid. Because some people have lived in fear of African/Americans for so long that's the only door truth can come through. If truth has to open the eyes and ears of Americans through the fear of Barack Obama's Presidency, then so be it. I'm fifteen years old so I don't understand a lot of the reason for racism, but out of my lack of understanding I can see more clearly than most Americans can today. People are afraid because his middle name is Hussein, no explanation necessary - and I repeat - if truth has to come through the fear of Barack Obama's Presidency, then so be it. I am not into politics and I really don't understand them much, but I can recognize truth in any situation because of the way I have been raised. I believe this country is finally getting what we have been crying out for all these years. I believe truth is coming through President Barack H. Obama.

Friday, January 9, 2009


I think the church thinks so much about the death of Jesus, they forget about His life. After all, He spent more time living than He did dying, and yet few realize what He lived for. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for His death, but I am equally thankful for what I can learn from His life. For one thing, He didn’t enter into the religious system with acceptance…He challenged it and showed a better way! He went in to the temples and turned tables, not because He enjoyed a fight, but because He wanted everyone to know what He knew…relationship is better than rules!

We can learn so much from His living... how He lived, why He lived. When we better understand what He lived for, His dying will have new meaning! He lived to teach us a better way, and He died so we could live it! The popular slogan is WWJD. He would live-live free of shame, remorse, and all things oppressive. He would live to have relationship with His Father, and He would live to give hope to others. Look for life in all things, and death will lose its sting.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ready and willing!

Here we are starting another year. I am so excited! I am not putting any limits on what this year may bring and, in fact, I am looking for every boundary to be exceeded. It is thrilling for me to have the joy of preaching and teaching every week to people that love truth as much as me. When I say truth and Kingdom living has changed my life, it is not just a statement of hope. It is fact! I feel sad for those who are still in the confession mode of what should by now be living mode. If you are one of those, stop confessing it and begin doing it. The confession will not change you, your choices will. Get an education to improve your existence, be faithful in your church to increase your relationships and understanding of the Father, get out of debt, open the door for your wife, meet someone, go out of your way to bless another. Choose to improve who you are and stop wasting your time confessing who you want to be! This year belongs to you. Buy it up and sell it not!