Friday, January 9, 2009


I think the church thinks so much about the death of Jesus, they forget about His life. After all, He spent more time living than He did dying, and yet few realize what He lived for. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for His death, but I am equally thankful for what I can learn from His life. For one thing, He didn’t enter into the religious system with acceptance…He challenged it and showed a better way! He went in to the temples and turned tables, not because He enjoyed a fight, but because He wanted everyone to know what He knew…relationship is better than rules!

We can learn so much from His living... how He lived, why He lived. When we better understand what He lived for, His dying will have new meaning! He lived to teach us a better way, and He died so we could live it! The popular slogan is WWJD. He would live-live free of shame, remorse, and all things oppressive. He would live to have relationship with His Father, and He would live to give hope to others. Look for life in all things, and death will lose its sting.

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