Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ready and willing!

Here we are starting another year. I am so excited! I am not putting any limits on what this year may bring and, in fact, I am looking for every boundary to be exceeded. It is thrilling for me to have the joy of preaching and teaching every week to people that love truth as much as me. When I say truth and Kingdom living has changed my life, it is not just a statement of hope. It is fact! I feel sad for those who are still in the confession mode of what should by now be living mode. If you are one of those, stop confessing it and begin doing it. The confession will not change you, your choices will. Get an education to improve your existence, be faithful in your church to increase your relationships and understanding of the Father, get out of debt, open the door for your wife, meet someone, go out of your way to bless another. Choose to improve who you are and stop wasting your time confessing who you want to be! This year belongs to you. Buy it up and sell it not!

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