Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Statement!

It has been a while since my last entry. So much has been going on, it seems each day has been used to its fullest not leaving time for the little things. The irony is, it is the little things that are usually the most important.

Three days ago I preached the celebration service of the passing of a woman who was both my mother-in-law and Yahweh’s beloved daughter. We were celebrating her life and legacy, not her dying. Yet in her dying she sowed seed for others to live. The seed being the testimony of how a life joined to Yahweh is a life lived without emptiness. She bought up every moment and used each one to advance His Kingdom and order. Linda Richert was loved by everyone and changed the lives of many. Yahweh is pleased with her even more than we. She has become His glory and our testimony. Linda’s life made a statement. She would live for truth even when it seemed she would not be victorious by the earth’s standards. She would lead the way even when it seemed the way was not clear. She would plant seeds even when the ground was dry and barren. She would give hope when everything around her screamed hopeless. She would preach the gospel when nobody wanted to hear it, and discipline when everyone wanted a pat on the back. She was a discerner and didn’t fall prey to opinion and emotion. She despised religion and embraced the Kingdom of Yahweh as the only way to true life. She was a life well lived and Yahweh is pleased. Linda Richert’s life was more than the sum of the parts. Her life was a statement, and if you knew her, your life was changed because of it!