Thursday, June 25, 2009

Always Changing!

I am so excited about the present moment and impending future.  Being a son of Yahweh God is so rewarding.  Notice, I said I am a son of Yahweh, not a son of religion or denomination.  I am a son of truth and a brother of integrity.  I have potential to be and do all the Father desires for me even if it is greater than I desire for myself, and it usually is.  Earth days are corralled by hours, but life in the Spirit is not limited by the same restraints.  I love that!  Because religion is not my fence and denomination is not my law, I can bless the Father in ways before unknown.  I can show my family a path without an end and lead them on a journey without a map.  I can explore the Kingdom of God, and do that without fear of offending the one who invited me into to His domain.  He loves my curiosity, and invites my exploration of who He is.  I love Him and the great news is-He knows it.  What will you do with your day?