Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson

Just another man with talent, praised and immortalized, while those who do the world good go out without a bang. I have many thoughts regarding this man with tremendous anointing and talent. It is amazing though how a man who two weeks ago was reviled all over the world can now somehow be king of the world. This is a true demonstration of the lack of morals and standards this nation has fallen to. Even the media that looked under every rock to uncover his "bad behavior," are now praising his “legacy.” Here again is a man with God given anointing who wasted it on what can produce nothing, and in the end did just that. There is no eternal fruit of the life of MJ, only sad memories of a talent lost and forsaken, and children now left fatherless. It is sad to know Michael died the way he did, yet it could have been very different. His story could have and should have been different.

Make your story matter while there is still today.