Monday, August 3, 2009

"Fallow Ground"

   Yesterday, we gathered at The Rock again for the first time since June.  You see, we—by the word of the Lord—did not have regularly scheduled services for the month of July.  It was our time of letting the “land” rest and giving opportunity for the ground to be prepared for what is ahead.  Our “firstfruit” to Yahweh.  
    In June, my wife was speaking with a friend of ours—Caroline— and was sharing with her what we would be doing at The Rock in the month of July.  Caroline immediately began to share with my wife the story of her grandfather, who was a farmer in Canada, and was known for producing the highest quality produce in the region.  She explained that her grandfather allowed the ground to go “fallow” seasonally to get rid of weeds and enrich the soil for the upcoming season.  This got my attention because I knew that is what Yahweh was doing with us.  Caroline added the description to the purpose.  Webster's defines fallow like this: 1.) Cultivated land that is allowed to lie idle during the growing season.  2.) to plow, harrow, and breakup land without seeding to destroy weeds and conserve moisture.  Wow!  That is a perfect description of what Yahweh desired for us during this season of firstfruits.  We were obedient, and now we will see the fruit of our obedience in the days to come.  In fact, some fruit is already present in the testimonies shared Sunday morning.
    I know that part of this is the removal of “weeds,” and none of us likes to see people go.  However, I can tell you, I am more interested in people hungry for the Kingdom than I am in people hungry for more religion.  Those who hunger for more religion and aren’t willing to change are weeds.  They need to be uprooted because they are leaching the soil of necessary life meant for the son’s and daughter’s of Yahweh.  I want everyone to be sons and daughters, but I cannot make that decision for them.  Each one must choose for themselves.  What will you choose?  As I delight in those who are pressing in, I can only imaging the joy Yahweh must feel.  At The Rock the soil is enriched again in anticipation of the forthcoming season!