Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10 years!

Wow! We are about to celebrate 10 years of ministry to Central Florida. It has passed so quickly and slowly at the same time. I could not be more blessed by the people that Yahweh has joined to me and The Rock in order to make His name great in the earth. Some have come and gone, but those who are faithful and remain are witnesses to the favor of Yahweh in obedience to His word. The vision He gave me 10 years ago I am more passionate about now than ever. Almost nine years ago we were self supporting. Seven years ago we purchased eleven acres to build on. Two years ago we built a building to facilitate the vision. This year we began The Rock Academy. Next year, we as a body will send out the first "son" into ministry from The Rock of Central Florida. The Kingdom of Yahweh is ever increasing and we are a part of that!

For all of you who are a part of this wonderful and exciting time, thank you! Thank you for being faithful and staying the course. Thank you for listening to the voice of promise and hope. Thank you for trusting in the unknown and walking out on nothing. Thank you for walking with me and my family. We love you more than we can ever express! You are our family!