Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We are the Kingdom!

What an amazing weekend!  We, the people of The Rock, celebrated the end of 10 years and the beginning of 11!  It was an amazing time of reflection and demonstration.  I watched with delight as people who were once strangers worked together and ministered to others as friends.  Some who came to us broken and battered stood as a testimony of deliverance, strength, and victory.  The "house" was filled with people anticipating what is to come.  As different ones shared their heart, it was clear that Yahweh's hand was at work through His sons.  The Kingdom of God is not a mythical place, or a territory in the heavens.  The Kingdom of God is not defeated or even shaken.  It is strong, present, and more powerful now than ever in history.  It is those of us who have made the decision to hear and obey God's voice and make His name great in the earth.  We are the Kingdom of God!  Religion wants the church to believe that we are only pawns without power.  The Father wants us to believe we are sons with authority!  I choose the latter.  How about you?