Friday, December 11, 2009


Although what you are about to read may seem harsh, it is true and reflects the general Christian church of today. I choose to be a part of the change.

The church is a funny place. Preaching one thing and doing quite another. Thankfully, there is a remnant, though minimal, that really is a reflection of the attitude of Christ and embodies the same passion to change the earth. I am absolutely convinced that if Jesus were alive in the flesh and walking the earth today, almost all "Christians" would crucify Him. I'll explain why, and perhaps some minds and attitudes will change because of the reality of this letter. Too many Christians are too lazy and selfish to really reflect a Christ-like attitude. While declaring "what would Jesus do" about every issue around them, they do nothing that He would do. For certain, He would not be rewarding lawlessness with blessing and a lack of discipline with a bag of groceries. He is the same one that was willing to whip money changers and offenders of His Kingdom without worrying about people thinking He wasn't showing any love. He walked past many that were sick and lame because He would not bless their lawlessness while looking for those who had a heart for change. If He were here in the flesh, He would not be liked because He would say to the one who lacks, "discipline your life and finances and change will come." He would say to the one who is unemployed, "get a job at Taco Bell if that is all that is available and the greater will come." He would ask the one who always has their hand out for charity, "why are you in this position, what got you here, and what are you doing to get out?" He would say to the one that is always complaining yet never doing, "since your right hand offends you, cut it off!" Contrary to what most Christians believe, He would not tolerate the present stupidity that is reflected in the church. He would not act like their are no issues. He would not be concerned if He offended you. What Jesus would do and what the church of today does are in no way similar.

If the earth is going to be changed, the church is going to have to grow up and take responsibility. Most of the church looks foolish to those outside because most Christians are unwilling to deal with the very thing that brings change, and that is truth. I am a believer and I wouldn't want anything to do with the Jesus most of the church reflects. He is too weak and silly and far too passive and disconnected. I am blessed to know the real Jesus Christ. The one who is the Son of God and who doesn't pansy around, but has the guts to deal with difficult situations and require obedience to His Father and mine. While He may pray for my healing and need, He would also require me to make changes in my life in an effort to keep me from the same situation again. He wouldn't want me to stay needy and sick; after all, that would not cause others to want to know Him. The Jesus the church is looking for to return is not going to be recognized by most. He will be coming for a mature church that has changed the earth, not a needy one that has disgraced His name. It's time to change!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Race

I was blessed Saturday to witness fifteen runners from The Rock of Central Florida complete the OUC 5K/Half Marathon. All those who entered, finished! How many people, I wonder, started that race but came up short? How many quit because it seemed to hard, or because it was raining, or because they lost the one who started the race with them and they didn't want to complete it alone? Maybe they suffered an injury and was justified in the termination of it, but there is a difference between the one who suffers an injury and stops for the day but will start again another day and the one who simply quits because it was a challenge they didn't expect. Of those I knew, some were well trained and have run races before, but some were newbies that decided to change their life by completing a challenge they had never faced. All fifteen of them made a commitment to finish what they had started, and they did. The commitment wasn't made the day of the race. It was made long before the actual race day as they signed up online, payed their dues, started to train and prepared their attitude for any and all challenges months ahead of the race. They all made a decision to prepare themselves for the race and they were well prepared. Many in the church choose to run the race of the KIngdom but without any planning or preparation along the way, they come up short of the finish line. They enter in through salvation but never really see the finish line because there is no depth of heart or commitment in them to finish what they began. Challenges arise and they quit. They trip over an offense and wound their pride and they quit. The lights aren't flashing and the bells aren't ringing so they quit. They find themselves alone and feel abandoned so they quit. I believe I am like the Father. I believe the joy I experienced as I watched sons of The Rock finish what they started is the same joy Yahweh experiences as He watches you and me complete the race before us. The obstacles didn't stop us, being alone along the way didn't hinder us. We made a decision long before the race to finish it and do what it takes to be equipped for success! People, enter the race! Be a part! It is what you were born to do!