Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Race

I was blessed Saturday to witness fifteen runners from The Rock of Central Florida complete the OUC 5K/Half Marathon. All those who entered, finished! How many people, I wonder, started that race but came up short? How many quit because it seemed to hard, or because it was raining, or because they lost the one who started the race with them and they didn't want to complete it alone? Maybe they suffered an injury and was justified in the termination of it, but there is a difference between the one who suffers an injury and stops for the day but will start again another day and the one who simply quits because it was a challenge they didn't expect. Of those I knew, some were well trained and have run races before, but some were newbies that decided to change their life by completing a challenge they had never faced. All fifteen of them made a commitment to finish what they had started, and they did. The commitment wasn't made the day of the race. It was made long before the actual race day as they signed up online, payed their dues, started to train and prepared their attitude for any and all challenges months ahead of the race. They all made a decision to prepare themselves for the race and they were well prepared. Many in the church choose to run the race of the KIngdom but without any planning or preparation along the way, they come up short of the finish line. They enter in through salvation but never really see the finish line because there is no depth of heart or commitment in them to finish what they began. Challenges arise and they quit. They trip over an offense and wound their pride and they quit. The lights aren't flashing and the bells aren't ringing so they quit. They find themselves alone and feel abandoned so they quit. I believe I am like the Father. I believe the joy I experienced as I watched sons of The Rock finish what they started is the same joy Yahweh experiences as He watches you and me complete the race before us. The obstacles didn't stop us, being alone along the way didn't hinder us. We made a decision long before the race to finish it and do what it takes to be equipped for success! People, enter the race! Be a part! It is what you were born to do!