Friday, February 5, 2010

Making a Way!

I am a husband and a father. I love being both. Being blessed to be each of those comes with a lot of responsibility, though. They look to me for guidance, safety, food, shelter, encouragement, leadership and so on. My role is to provide those things while being one of the family, not separate from it.

I see myself as making a way for them. Taking on the challenges so they don't have to. Defeating giants they will never see. Making sacrifices for their dreams and being happy about it-even fulfilled. There are so many thieves trying to rob my family of their hope, dreams and purpose. Social change, popular opinions, current fads and such things look harmless and small, yet they are an enemy if present without restraint. These are some of the things that are fighting against the fathers who are making a way of life for their families. As fathers we must understand and recognize anything that comes to peel our wives and children away from the purpose of family. I am making a way because I am confronting the thief. I am standing at the door as a strongman. I am teaching the joy of a family being together, playing together, eating together and simply being involved and supportive of each other no matter what enemy rises up. I am making a way because I honor Yahweh and recite the importance of His presence in our lives to them. I teach them the need to draw out of Holy Spirit what we cannot draw out of a thousand teachers. I am making a way for them because they see in me it is possible to be a believer and be a strong father who is blessed and loved and happy and bold in the middle of a messed up world. I am changing the earth not so much in the moment, but more so in the next generation as I choose to make a way with my choices! I'm blessed to be making a way!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Babylon is Falling

Everything about the earth (Babylon) that is opposed to the Kingdom of Yahweh is quickly falling apart. It is not the true believers who are trying to figure out what is going on. We know and we are not suprised. It is those who do not know Yahweh God and have been caught off guard as if intruded upon like a "thief in the night" that are scrambling to find answers. The answer is not more taxes, more stimulus, more government, less government, banks, grants, etc. The answer is repentance. A genuine return to the creator of all things is all that will redeem this earth and those in it. The earth is crying out for righteousness. Can you not hear it in the earthquakes, tsunamis, fires and such that are nothing less than the groanings of the earth to be governed by righteousness and be redeemed through repentance? The earth is crying out and Bablylon is falling. Will anyone listen? I know there are those who will read this and throw me and my writings in the trash bin of religious nuttiness, yet as I look around, it is they who are contributing most to the "falling" by attempting to fix with the mind what can only be healed by the Spirit.