Monday, June 21, 2010

Fishing with a son and a friend.

For the last four days I have been in Vermont with my son, Joshua, and my good friend, Apostle Jim Schneider.  We have been fishing in an amateur fishing tournament on Lake Champlain hoping to win $30,000.00.  It's a good thing we didn't go simply for the money since we would have finished very disappointed.  Instead, we finished very strong, without a money prize, but with the prize of a strong relationship made even stronger.  There are friends who are friends when it is convenient, and then there are those that are friends even when convenience is not possible.  I have been within a few miles of some friends that wouldn't even take fifteen minutes of their time to have a cup of coffee, and I have been hours away from others who didn't think twice about driving that distance just for fifteen minutes of coffee simply because we are friends.  I prefer the latter.

During the second day of this fishing trip the weather was challenging and because Lake Champlain is so large, it was as though the "sea" was boiling and a tidal wave was imminent!  I got sick!  I don't know if I was, but I felt green.  I didn't want to keep my eyes open and I didn't want to close them.  I didn't want to stand and I didn't want to sit.  I wanted to find my bed, in my house, with my pillow and pretend the sickness was all a dream.  I really didn't complain other than a simple statement a couple of times.  In fact, I believe it was my silence that let Jim know things were not well.  The last thing I wanted to do was be the reason we stopped fishing because to stop fishing meant we couldn't win.  Yet, without thought of prize money or trophy fish, Jim was selfless in his attention to my illness and chose to pursue a path to the nearest shore to enable me to recover.  He was adamant in his position and showed amazing grace as a friend.  It didn't take long after standing on solid ground until I felt well again and realized what a friend I have in Jim.  During this whole ordeal even my twelve year old son was patient and without complaint.  He demonstrated how a true son cares more for his fathers needs than he does for his own even if he doesn't know why.  The son who sees to the fathers needs will one day find he has none of his own.  He is fulfilled.  Joshua blessed me by asking if I was okay.  He knew if I was okay, he would be too, and he was.  In the end, Joshua caught the largest fish of the three of us and was the only one to catch a fish large enough, at three pounds, to actually register in the competition.  I am proud of him.

I have done many things that I enjoy with many different people, but I have done few things that I have enjoyed more than this trip with my son and my friend.  I thank Yahweh for these times and moments and I look forward to so many more!