Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gathering Again!

Instead of me writing this blog this week, I am posting a message one of my sons, Tim Kearney, sent to me in an email.  I believe his message sums up how the people of The Rock have positioned themselves during this month long sabbath rest.  During July, each family or individual positioned themselves not in a building we call the church, but in their own homes as ministers unto each other.  As July comes to an end and we rejoice over what Yahweh did in each person, we look forward to with excitement our gathering again on August first.  Here is Tim's message:

"We, a congregation. A body of people joined in belief-- each with our own unique identities, our own nuanced interests, our own close-knit relationships and our own deepest yearnings and passions.  We have gone forth, dispersed on purpose. As parts of the whole we have seared as beacons of The Kingdom at work in everyday life, without the crutch of routine or pageantry seen across this land.  Now our time for being dispersed is almost up. We are a people strengthened and rested in our Father, sure of our identities which have been put to the test of living...and I'm excited.

I can't wait to join you all once again, Family!"