Sunday, July 4, 2010

Harvest of our Obedience

Wow! Here we are at the start of July 2010 and we have entered again into the Sabbath month for The Rock Church. During this time, we as a house do not meet in a building constructed to be a "church." Instead, every family gathers in their own home to minister to one another and share what Yahweh has done and is doing in them. Every family needs to be led, and the head of each family needs to take their place and be the father God has purposed them to be. Fathers lead their family and/or themselves during this time into the place of rest intended for them. As we take the time to rest the "land" of The Rock and our lives, Yahweh is raining on that same "land" by Holy Spirit, preparing it and causing it to become its most fertile. No offering is received at The Rock during this time of rest. Only the tithe, which belongs to Yahweh, is received. The offering which is above and beyond the tithe, is seed. That seed is being stored up in each family's home to be sowed when we return in August. The ground will be awaiting the planting of seed and the harvest will be great to those who believe. The lives of many will be changed by their obedience to the "word of the house," while some, because of fear and doubt, will only be a witness to what Yahweh is doing in others.
In the Old Testament the priest would receive an offering of firstfruits following the Sabbath and wave that offering before the Lord while blessing the people. This is a now word to us. We are honoring the Lord with our time, ministry, families, and finances and we look forward to what will soon be the HARVEST OF OUR OBEDIENCE!