Friday, September 10, 2010

Give'em Hell!

There is much abuzz concerning the Gainesville pastor who has decided to get the world's attention by burning the Quran.  First of all, let me be clear by saying, I totally disagree with his position.  Yet, while saying that, I can also say I appreciate his passion.  Perhaps, if he used that passion instead to make Yahweh's name great through life choices, there would be no need to burn the Quran.  Life choices, such as balancing a checkbook, honoring one's wife, raising Godly seed, showing up for work on time, participating in uplifting and wholesome conversations while disengaging from those that aren't.  The kind of choices all of us who believe in Jesus Christ as Savior should be making to get the world's attention.  These are silent choices, yet they speak the loudest!  People are not drawn to Christ because we burn Qurans.  They are drawn because our testimony is irresistible!

The news media are extremely hypocritical in this whole thing.  They do every day what this man plans to do only once.  In fact, they love bringing attention to him because it draws viewers to their channels and to their stations.  They don't want him to go away.  If they did, they would have never given him any attention, and the silence alone would have closed the door on his fifteen minutes of fame.

The testimony of believers is weak as it is.  We don't need to give the enemy more fodder.  We need to give him Hell!  Give it back.  It doesn't belong to you who believe.  Don't fall prey to the evil deeds of delivering fleshly attacks and responses.  Let the Spirit of God rise up in you and be a demonstration of hope and peace and trust.