Tuesday, October 19, 2010

To Be Saved

What does it mean to be "saved?"  Does it mean one has received Jesus Christ as Savior and now all bills will be paid?  Does it mean there will never be any difficult days again because God will make sure the "saved" one is delivered?  Maybe, it means one can now continue to live like hell safely?
To be saved is not an idea of freedom from lack or exclusion from difficult times, or even an overlooking of lawless living.  To be saved means there is an answer to all of the above and more.  The answer can only be found by allowing the conduit - Jesus Christ - to reconcile us to His Father, who then becomes our Father.  To be saved means I will no longer live life to myself, rather, I will expect excellence of myself, not for bragging rights, but to give God glory!  To be saved means I will actually consider others before myself and express compassion on their circumstances.  To be saved means I am aware of lawlessness all around me, but I do not immerse myself in it.  To be saved means I understand all things that are lawful for me are not necessarily advisable for me.  Just because I can, doesn't mean I do.

Unfortunately, christians have become so entangled in doctrinal laws they have become the most lawless.  More emphasis is placed on not disappointing a denomination or fellowship of churches than on not disappointing the Father.  The very christians who cry out for freedom are the ones creating the most laws.  Wouldn't it be amazing if those of us who believe Jesus Christ is God's Son, and He really did die and rise again, and He really is the savior of men, would stop asking What Would Jesus Do and begin doing What Jesus Did, which was honor His Father through a life of obedience and excellence with high standards, integrity and truth.

I'm a preacher and I enjoy being around more non-believers than I do believers simply because I always know where non-believers stand.  They do and they are what they say.  No gimmicks, no facades, no masks.  That is changing.  I am thankful that those who are part of my congregation represent well what a believer should be.  From time to time there is one who will come and play the saved card only to reveal he does not know what that means.  If he stays long enough, he will change his position in Christ or his choice of church.  For those who make the decision to represent the Christ anointing in the earth with excellence, honesty and truth, thank you.  You are one of a few, but the numbers are growing!